Dita Von Teese Diet Has Secret to Never Craving Junk

The Dita Von Teese diet may very well be on to something: the cure for craving sugary foods. It’s very important that the burlesque and pin-up star keep her figure for her line of work. She’s also known for having a flawless complexion.

Dita Von Teese diet

The diet of Dita Von Teese has a trick up its sleeve that will keep you from dreaming about donuts, ice cream and pies!

What is the Dita Von Teese diet secret?

The raven-haired, alabaster-skinned starlet says: “If you stop eating sugar, your body doesn’t want sugar anymore. I haven’t had a soda in 15 years!”

This means that the diet is a sugar-free way of life. A smart move because sugar can trigger addiction. An addiction that can be difficult to break for many, because sugar can actually act like a drug. This is something you should consider if you just can’t stay away from the sweet stuff. Abandon it all together.

How many calories?

Nobody seems to know this, perhaps because Dita Von Teese probably does not count calories. That’s a smart idea, because the minute you commit to tracking calories, you are held hostage.

She explains: “I drink green smoothies with spinach, kale, and dark leafy greens mixed with fruit. Then something salady for lunch and then I can eat what I want at night. Ever since I stopped eating a big breakfast of eggs, toast and cereal, I feel so much better.” I have come to this conclusion myself.

The diet does not go overboard for dinner, however. She practices moderation. And though she just described a three meal a day regimen, another report says that the red-lipped star’s eating consists of six small meals a day.

What are some foods in the Dita Von Teese diet?

Now here’s a celebrity who WILL eat heavy-carb foods like pasta and rice – but in moderation. She’ll eat meat, too, unlike many female movie and TV stars. Megan Fox tried but also abandoned the vegan way of eating.

The diet also includes eggs, fish, vegetables and fruits. The menu avoids saturated fats, which means for the former natural blonde, this means no sausage, burgers or fast food fries.

She was interviewed on video and was asked about her diet. She replied, “I don’t eat junk food.” It’s been reported that she has cut sugar out completely, and this is the trick to teaching the body not to crave or even desire sugar.

However, it’s also been reported that she sometimes eats small amounts of chocolate. Maybe it’s unsweetened chocolate, but almost always, chocolate in processed form contains sugar.

I highly doubt that the diet Dita Von Teese follows allows Hostess cupcakes kind of chocolate, or M & M’s kind of chocolate. But I like that it, at a minimum, significantly restricts “junk food.”

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