Michael Jai White Workout: Monster Training for Size & Strength!

Are you ready for the Michael Jai White workout? You’d better be if you want to look like this action film star and martial artist. The regimen comes in two forms: 1) Bodybuilding and 2) Martial arts.

You’re probably not reading this to learn how to throw a tornado kick; you want a physique exploding with mad muscle, just like the 6-1 movie star.

Michael Jai White workout

The workout avoids one particular muscle group, and emphasizes another to get that perfect bodybuilder physique.

What muscle group does the workout avoid?

This guy does not do shoulder shrugs. This is because, as he’s explained, too much trap development would subtract from his suit-and-tie gentlemanly look.

Besides, does he really need to work his traps directly? The seven-blackbelt martial artist says that most men make a big mistake when it comes to working out.

A crucial mistake

That the workout avoids is paying too much attention to what can be seen in the mirror: the chest. The secret to a big, mean body is to get in some good back exercises and not overdo the chest.

Ever see a guy with a huge back but spindly arms? You can’t get jacked arms without building up the back. The workout routine includes pull-ups, pull-ups and more pull-ups.

What else happens in the Michael Jai White workout?

The martial arts champion pairs his chest routines with triceps routines. This is a good because these muscles work together to move some serious iron.

So building this session around bench press variations and then following up with dips, for instance, will really blow out these muscle groups and cause them to swell.

The workout plan includes deep pushups (done with hands on boxes and feet on a box or stool, to go down deeply).

The regimen focuses on compound movements to work several muscle groups at once, but it also includes some isolation work to further enhance the individual muscle group.

For example, Michael will warm up with pushups, then, as the superstar explains, “I’ll start using dumbbells for pressing. I thrust my motions forward and hold to work the fast-twitch, explosive muscle fibers. In essence, I’m punching. Every bench press is a punch.”

How many sets per muscle group? Three or four sets. And as for repetitions per set? The range is 15 at the most, and five or six at the least. This range combines power/strength training with more traditional hypertrophy training—the best of both worlds.

The action star also says that he likes to do more for a residual muscle group, which means a secondary mover muscle: “…when I’m doing back, I may finish up with six sets of rear delts because they’re already worked indirectly through the back workout.”

The workout regime produces dang-big muscles, yet this is one of the few Hollywood action star workouts that doesn’t take up tons of time; it’s about working smarter, not longer.

To get a body like Michael Jai White you do not need to incorporate martial arts training unless you also want to be a fighting machine.

The Michael Jai White Workout Optimized

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